My name is John Quigley and after more than 20 years as a Complementary Health Professional, I’ve found a revolutionary new category of nutritional supplement which is so unique and profoundly life changing for people and animals using it, that I’m driven to show it to as many people as possible - hence this website.

This one-of-a-kind range of botanical stem cell nutrition products is documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow and clinically shown to support the body’s natural renewal system.

Due to amazing recent discoveries in stem cell research, 2013 has been labelled by many as, ‘the year of the Stem Cell’ - as the promise of stem cell technology becomes a reality.

Give yourself, (or your pet) the edge on bodily renewal through increasing your circulating adult stem cell count - with Stem Cell Enhancers.

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Stem cells work every time

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Every body has stem cells

Every body uses stem cells

Every body uses stem cells every day

Stem cells work

Stem cells work every time

Helping Nature Heal the Body Stem Cells 4 Health

ADULT STEM CELLS  by Christian Drapeau, NChristian Drapeaueurological Scientist

Stem cells travel to different damaged organs and become cells of those organs to repair them - they work like a building block of the body. It's like a brick in a house. What if we have a brick that will make the foundation, the wall, the side walk, the garage, the storage unit? What if I have a brick here that if I have a problem with the side walk, I just put it there and it becomes the side walk? Or I put it in the foundation, it becomes the foundation.

I have a problem in the garage, I put it in the garage wall, it becomes the garage wall. I break a window I just put it in the window, the brick becomes a window. Wouldn't it sound a bit like fiction? We would laugh at this whole concept and yet that is exactly what we have with stem cells. We have a stem cell that leaves the bone marrow goes into tissue and becomes cells of that tissue. It is of such a magnitude that I think often times we don't fully grasp here what it is that science has discovered. The magnitude of this is such that it was actually linked to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Now, there's an easy way to summarize in a very simple message. Think of health as a balance between 2 phenomenons in the body. On the one hand, I have entropy; let's call it aging, slow breaking down of tissue. On the other hand I have rebuilding which is what your stem cells are doing. Your health will be determined by what is going on in the body. If the rate of aging is bigger than the ability to rebuild, then you experience un-wellness. If your ability to rebuild is greater than how fast you go down, then you will experience wellness or health. Cells die every day it's totally natural process and stem cells replace them every day.

So, if you have more stem cells in your body, you will just be able to have a greater health. Stem cells don’t kill anything, or cure anything, they simply promote rebuilding so that your health improves and you experience wellness.

Many people do not realize that adult stem cells play a key role in the natural renewal of your body and are essential for the maintenance and repair of organs and tissue throughout your lifetime.

Your own adult stem cells have the power to maintain and repair tissue cells as needed – a vital, life-sustaining process that helps to maintain your health and well-being…                                   Read Full Article

Understanding the human body’s self-renewal system

Natural Tissue Repair - Stem Cell Physiology

In a clinical study, published in a 2007 issue of Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, StemEnhance increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million within the bloodstream.

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